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CSIDC is partnering with AktivAsia (activist educators and facilitators passionate about activist learning), to pilot a training program to strengthen the leadership and organizing capacity of local campaigns and groups working on climate and energy, recognizing that the problems of climate may be intrinsically connected to other issues. 

Through designing and executing a set of learning experiences for Pakistan based movements and organizing groups and individuals who work on Climate Justice, we aim to:

  1. Build relationships between Pakistan based non-profit and activist groups who work on Climate Justice

  2. Center people in climate change discourse through supporting the voices and highlighting experiences of those most impacted by the climate crisis 

  3. Enable a transformation towards sustainability and equity between and within societies through mainstreaming the climate justice approach to community organizing and movement building on climate change.

We are also designing and leading a pan-asian learning experience for 30 women leaders from CSOs and social movements in Asia in order to strengthen feminist leadership and mainstream gender justice in the climate change activism ecosystem.



Application deadline: Midnight PKT, Sunday, September 18th, 2022

Pakistan is in the midst of a climate catastrophe. One in six Pakistanis is without shelter. A thousand people have lost their lives. It is clear that the climate crisis is the Global South’s present, not the Global North’s future. 

Relief and rehabilitation efforts are critical to respond to the mass scale disaster, but how do we address the issue at its root? How do we begin to make sure justice is ensured at the local, national, and global levels? This Training Of Trainers Certification is an effort to enhance collective action around climate change in Pakistan.

The ideal candidate for this training has:

  1. Demonstrated passion for campaigning or organizing 

  2. A desire to learn new ways of organizing 

  3. Commitment to supporting the leadership of others to build power

  4. Curiosity 

  5. Good listening skills

  6. Fluency in the English Language. The training will be held in English.

  7. Commitment to train with us in the future as needed

  8. Commitment to attend the entirety of the training