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Our partnership

In Pakistan and the region, we work on strengthening the climate justice movement in partnership with AktivAsia. 


AktivAsia is a regional organization that facilitates training and education to catalyze powerful people movements. Since 2018 AktivAsia has trained, coached and mentored over 500 activists and organisations who are bringing about social change on the most pressing issues facing Asia and they have gone on to train well over 2500 others.

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Regional Feminist Leadership Training 

CSIDC in partnership with AktivAsia created a 7 day  learning experience to develop the leadership of 24 women from across Asia within the climate justice ecosystem. The training program was based on the Adaptive Leadership Framework by Dr. Ron Heifetz , world’s foremost authority on the practice and teaching of leadership.

The training created opportunity to:

  1. Enhance women’s voice, self-confidence and solidarity, through facilitated sharing.

  2. Enable greater agency by connecting the personal experience of women with feminism and collective socio-political realities, contextualising individual struggle within politics. 

  3. Equip participants with concrete ways to influence the social justice/change ecosystem by helping their organisations inhabit more fully the values of fairness and justice in their ethos and practice, fostering equality and inclusivity in their practice. 

  4. Nurture participants’ relational capacity to develop trust-based generative alliances with women and male allies to push key agendas forward within their organisations, and hold their organisation to task effectively when it perpetuates patriarchal discourse and practices in their day to day. 

  5. Build a pan Asian community of women to act together to help environmental and social justice campaigns become larger, smarter, and stronger and successful.

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Pakistan Program 

As witnessed in Pakistan, mobilizing through relief efforts and rehabilitation is an important and instinctive response to mass scale disasters. However, how does one ensure national level preparedness for future disasters and  justice across local, national, and global levels? The answer to address this complex issue at its root, lies in collective action, and developing leadership and organizing capacity of civil society, local activists, organizations, and change-makers.

In the context of Pakistan, organizing and collective action has been least prevalent and erased out of discourse of ‘social work’. Our work aims to seed the organizing culture in Pakistan with a broader long-term vision around bringing sustainable, meaningful change through collective action and building leadership capacity. We continue to work on designing and piloting a set of learning experiences for Pakistan based movements and organizing. 

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