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We are a Pakistan-based team of educators and organizers who share a deep commitment to human values of peace, freedom, and dignity for all. We seek to drive meaningful systematic change at the levels of policies, practices, political discourse, and mindsets that impact the lives of communities most affected by poverty and climate change.  

​We do this by strengthening progressive change agents and organizations working towards social equity, with a focus on gender and climate change. We design and run courses, workshops, and coaching sessions that aim to enhance participants' existing knowledge of leadership - specifically how to organize people to achieve a common goal and how to maximize the impact of their efforts by being more strategic and structured. We also design and deliver conferences and strategy sessions that use interactive methods to foster dialogue among diverse groups and focus their efforts towards collective action for a common and urgent goal. Our sessions run both in person and online. CSIDC is a training organization registered as a for-profit company.   

We work in Pakistan in partnership with AktivAsia on climate justice. We also have a large portfolio of international clients with whom we facilitate learning experiences in Asia and Australia. We are an organizational member of the Leading Change Network.  


We envision a world where all humans make choices respectful of their interconnectedness with each other and their environments.

For our future, the future of other life forms, and the future of our planet, we need committed individuals and organizations to lead on shifting mindsets, and shifting power towards the marginalized. 

We grow and connect these individuals and organizations to catalyze social change.


We envision an inclusive world, with peace and freedom, respect and equality for all. We believe that issues around climate, rights, and justice transcend geographical boundaries - what happens in one part of the world is bound to impact another part of the world. We see a world where the solution to these issues is informed by voices of those most affected; and powerful collective action leads to tangible wins that reduce the unequal impact of poverty and climate change on communities. Hence, we aim to nurture collective action that is community-led, and help re-energize grassroot campaigns committed to climate and social justice. 


We offer a range of participatory and interactive courses and workshops suited to the learning needs of our partners and the groups they work with. Our courses and workshops teach approaches to leadership and organizing deemed effective globally and taught at Harvard; experience of working with educators at the Harvard Kennedy School, through the resources and support available to us within the Harvard network and experience of designing, coaching, and facilitating multiple regional and international workshops. 

In our workshops, campaign strategy, and coaching sessions, we provide a safe space to discuss and think about different and innovative tactics to deal with strategic challenges faced by campaign teams. These challenges can be around building and strengthening teams, making campaign strategies, and finding ways to expand and motivate their volunteer base. 

We also design and deliver interactive conferences while centering the needs and experiences of participants. Through expert design and facilitation, we foster dialogue among diverse groups, provide practical tools to bring people together, and channel their efforts towards collective action for a common and urgent goal. 


We place joy and hope as a central focus to counter the increasing helplessness felt locally and globally. We offer an approach to self-growth and mindfulness which helps to face continued challenges with emotional availability and intelligence.  Attending our workshops has helped campaigners to overcome their internal fears, feel heard and seen as part of a larger struggle, and improve their skills in leading and organizing acts of resistance.


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CEO, Training Lead

Noorulain Masood is the Founder and CEO of CSIDC, a leadership education provider for those committed to creating social change. She is motivated by a deep belief that leadership can be taught, and sustainable change happens when we become more strategic, self-reflective, and constituency-focused.

Noor first taught with Professors Marshall Ganz and Ron Heifetz at Harvard University in 2012. Since then, she has designed, taught, coached, and coordinated courses using Organizing and Public Narrative frameworks, working with 1000+ activists, non-profit executives, and grassroot leaders over the years. Noor has also taught Adaptive Leadership with Professor Ron Heifetz in 2020, for the course on “Self, Identity and leadership”, and recently designed and ran a course on "Feminist Leadership" using the framework.

Noor completed her Masters in Public Administration / International Development on a Fulbright Scholarship from Harvard Kennedy School of Government in 2009. Afterwards, she worked at policy making institutions in Washington DC and New York City (World Bank and United Nations), led a non-profit in Pakistan on leadership development of educationists (Teach For Pakistan, a partner of Teach For All Network) , and designed a DFID funded pilot that enabled grassroot leaders in rural Pakistan to collect real-time insights into the lives of their peers, and lead data-based conversations on woman and child malnutrition within the community. Noor was a teaching staff at Harvard University from 2019 to 2021 where she taught and led teaching teams with Professors Marshall Ganz and Ron Heiftez.


Noor is part of the regional leadership team for AktivAsia, their Pakistan country lead, and part of the Leading Change Forum at the Leading Change Network.  



Head Teaching Fellow with Marshall Ganz, 2020-21; Teaching Fellow 2012, 2013, 2015, 2019, 2020.

These practices are

  • Public narrative

  • Relationship building

  • Campaign structure

  • Campaign Strategizing

  • Tactics and action.

These leadership practices have been systemized into a framework taught at the Harvard Kennedy School by Dr. Marshall Ganz, a celebrated civil rights organizer, and have been adapted in grassroots efforts around the world in electoral politics, human rights, advocacy and grassroots movements. 



Karachi, Pakistan

Telephone No: +92 21 34551482, +92 21 34541270

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